Bad Day at the Office

Filed under: General news, Sunday LSL team by: Paul McGowan

Shankill 3, Spartak 0

Bad passing by the Sky Blues spread in this game, in the words of one player, like a virus. Threatening only from set plays, Spartak were a shadow of their normal selves.

Shankill were passing neatly on a bumby pitch with a blustery wind, conditions which teh Sky Blues never came to terms with.

The goals were all too easily conceded and the home keeper had a quiet morning.

Form Report

Craig Howard 5 Ciaran Brady 6 Kevin Cunningham 6 Steve Grier 5 Ian Harmon 6 Stuart Love 4 Neil McGowan 5 Ciaran Nolan 4 Niall Lennon 5 Dave Power 5 Mick Leslie 4
Sub Carl Gaffney 5

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