Points Thrown Away

Filed under: General news, Sunday LSL team by: Paul McGowan

Spartak 3, St Anthony’s Kilcoole 4

Two calamitous individual defensive errors, early and late, saw Spartak drop all three points in a game they should have won comfortably.

Spartak went a goal down before gradually imposing themselves on the game, with goals by Steve Grier, Ger Byrne and Grier again to lead 3-1 midway through the second half.

Spartak then failed to stop the cross, and an unmarked Anthony’s player fired in to reduce arrears. A long ball through the middle saw the Spartak defence at sixes and sevens, and the runner rounded Johnluke Hayes to equalise.

The final ignominy saw Spartak concede possesion in the box, recover it, usher the opponent away from goal and the concede a spot kick.

Probably best not to dwell too long on this one.

Form Report
Johnluke Hayes 6 Cian Donohoe 5 Darragh Logue 5 Ian Harmon 5 Keith Kelly 5 Niall Lennon 6 Neil McGowan 6 David Kernan 6 Steve Grier 6 Ger Byrne 6 Steve Walsh 5
Subs: Ken Ward 5 Stuart Love 5 Billy O’Neill 6 Dave Browne 6

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