Return of the Maestro

Filed under: General news, Over 35 team, Saturday LSL team, Sunday LSL team by: Paul McGowan

After resigning as Quiz master in a hissy fit, leaving poor Uncle Dex to pick up the pieces, Mick Greene has completed a massive U Turn and returns to his rightful spot on the podium next Thursday, 18th November, in Firhouse Community Centre.

Mick , after doling out questions on Dingbats, Counties of Ireland and other puzzles to tease the slightly sozzled members of the audience, will then lead the weary troops in the time honoured march into town, eventually leaving Coppers at an ungodly hour.

All club members expected to attend, and for €10 on a Thursday night, it can’t be bet for entertainment value.

The Quiz starts at 9.15, so aim for 9 O’Clock, unless your name is Steve Grier, in which case you would need to aim for the previous day. Chris “Tubes” Hogan is carrying on Gerry Doran’s tradition of always being last to everything. Dave Kernan may well travel through town , so could be delayed. Mick Leslie even might bring the water bottles for a special guest appearance.

So, for those not paying attention (that’s you Bobby Hayes and Jason Northey) its a 9.15 kick off on Thursday 18th November in Firhouse Community Centre.

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