Chances Spurned

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Celtic Park 3, Spartak 0.

The scoreline did not reflect the game as a whole; Spartak dominated the opening period in Beaumont Convent but failed to get on the scoresheet. Celtic Park fielded eleven fresh players at half time, and aided by a very soft penalty decision, went on to win.

In the last 20 minutes Spartak strove to get back in the game, throwing caution to the wind, and Ross Kelly and David Kernan each missed good chances close in. David Kernan and Jeff Gamble worked valiantly to get the attack going and showed decent stamina and skill.

The first half saw Spartak move the ball well and Kernan, Jeff Gamble and Conor Callis displayed energy and movement, but without applying the final, decisive, touch. In midfield Lee Malone and Shane McInerney kept the supply line to the front line going and supplied defensive cover.

Conor Callis shot over after an excellent move by Gamble and Lee Malone; Conor Canavan, sent clear by Malone, fired a cross over with men well placed inside; Shane McInerney’s cross found Jeff Gamble but his close in effort was cleared for a corner. Shots by Malone and Callis went close, and there were several goalmouth scrambles.

In defence there was little to do apart from a lapse when Chris Hogan was caught in possession, but Jason Northey advanced to block.

On 50 minutes the penalty was award for a push by Paul Kinsella and Celtic Park’s fresh team began to take control. A very soft second goal gave them a two goal advantage and the third goal was a result of Spartak going for broke in attack.

Positives in general play from the first half, but punishment often follows when teams don’t press home their advantage.

Man of the match : David Kernan

Form Report
Jason Northey 6 Chris Hogan 6 Ciaran Keane 7 Paul Kinsella 7 Dave Browne 6 Shane McInerney 6 Conor Canavan 6 David Kernan 8 Lee Malone 6 Jeff Gamble 7 Conor Callis 6
Subs: Kevin Loftus 6 Luke Foley 5 Aaron Ormerod 5 Stuart Love 5 Ross Kelly 5

Pre Season Training

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First Pre Season training session takes place, as a one off, on Firhouse Carmel’s pitch beside Scholars pub on Thursday July 10.

Season starts on 16/17 August, with friendlies before then.

We start on Thursday at 7.15.

Dave Mohan Tournament a Big Success – Thank You

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A bumper turn out ensured that the tournament was an all round success, both as a charity fund raiser and in terms of organisation on the day. An enjoyable day all round, and a good tribute to our late colleague.

Thanks to all who took part.

Roll on next year.

Dave Mohan Memorial Tournament

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The Dave Mohan Memorial Tournament takes place this Sunday 25th May in the Postal Club on Kiltipper Road. The first round of matches kickoff at 10:30am. All fees must be paid in advance. We ask that all teams are at the venue 30 mins before their first game. There will be a raffle on the day. Tickets are €10 and there are some very decent prizes. There is also a full bar in the Postal Club which also serves food.

Dave Mohan Memorial Tournament: Sepp Blatter has made the Draw!

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Details of draw and schedule of games for Dave Mohan Memorial Tournament which is in the Postal Club, Kiltipper, on Sunday 25th May. First games kick off at 10.30 am.


Ireland (Shea’s Monday night team)
Sweden (Jason Doyle)
France (Brian Farrelly)
Belgium (Mick Costello)
Ireland v Sweden

France v Belgium

Ireland v France

Sweden v Belgium

Ireland v Belgium

Sweden v France

Wales (Greystones 1)
Portugal (Ger Byrne)
Holland (Dundrum 1)
Scotland (Brian Burgess)
Wales v Portugal

Holland v Scotland

Wales v Holland

Portugal v Scotland

Wales v Scotland

Portugal v Holland

Poland (Greystones 2)
Serbia (Dundrum 2)
Greece (Larkview)
Spain (Paddy Hughes)
Poland v Serbia

Spain v Greece

Poland v Greece

Serbia v Spain

Poland v Spain

Serbia v Greece

Italy (Spartak Over 35′s)
Denmark (Stephen Carr)
Ukraine (Dave Browne)
Germany (Graham Breen)
Italy v Denmark

Ukraine v Germany

Italy v Ukraine

Denmark v Germany

Italy v Germany

Denmark v Ukraine

Italy (Spartak Over 35′s)
Denmark (Stephen Carr)
Ukraine (Dave Browne)
Germany (Graham Breen)
Italy v Denmark

Ukraine v Germany

Italy v Ukraine

Denmark v Germany

Italy v Germany

Denmark v Ukraine

Group Time Pitch Team Team
A 10:30 1 Ireland Sweden
B 10:30 2 Wales Portugal
C 10:30 3 Poland Serbia
D 10:30 4 Italy Denmark

Group Time Pitch Team Team
A 11:20 1 Ireland France
B 11:20 2 Wales Holland
C 11:20 3 Poland Greece
D 11:20 4 Italy Ukraine

Group Time Pitch Team Team
A 12:10 1 Ireland Belgium
A 12:10 2 Sweden France
B 12:10 3 Wales Scotland
B 12:10 4 Portugal Holland
Group Time Pitch Team Team
A 10:55 1 France Belgium
B 10:55 2 Holland Scotland
C 10:55 3 Spain Greece
D 10:55 4 Ukraine Germany

Group Time Pitch Team Team
A 11:45 1 Sweden Belgium
B 11:45 2 Portugal Scotland
C 11:45 3 Serbia Spain
D 11:45 4 Denmark Germany

Group Time Pitch Team Team
C 12:35 1 Poland Spain
C 12:35 2 Serbia Greece
D 12:35 3 Italy Germany
D 12:35 4 Denmark Ukraine
1/4 FINAL 1 1/4 FINAL 2 1/4 FINAL 3 1/4 FINAL 4

13:10 Pitch 1 13:10 Pitch 2 13:10 Pitch 3 13:10 Pitch 4
Winner A Runner Up B Winner B Runner Up A Winner C Runner Up D Winner D Runner Up C


13:40 Pitch 1 13:40 Pitch 2
Winner 1/4 Final 1 Winner 1/4 Final 2 Winner 1/4 Final 3 Winner 1/4 Final 4


13:40 Pitch 3 13:40 Pitch 4
3rd Place Group A 3rd Place Group B 3rd Place Group C 3rd Place Group D

FINAL 3rd / 4th Place Play Off

14:10 Pitch 1 14:10 Pitch 2
Winner Semi Final 1 Winner Semi Final 2 Loser Semi Final 1 Loser Semi Final 2

SHIELD FINAL SHIELD 3rd / 4th Place Play Off

14:10 Pitch 3 14:10 Pitch 4
Winner Shield Semi Final 1 Winner Shield Semi Final 2 Loser Shield Semi Final 1 Loser Shield Semi Final 2

Year End Nominations: Presentation Night

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The annual trophy presentations will be on Friday 23rd Ma in he Eden House at 8.30 pm.

A bumper vote was received for the annual awards.

First team player of the year nominations are:
Paul Kinsella, Fergus Burke, Neil McGowan and Steve Walsh

Second Team player nominations are:
Mick Leslie, Fintan Grace and Jeff Gamble,

Over 35s nominations for player of the year reveal a straight shoot out between Brian Farrelly and Brian Burgess

Clubman of the year had a wide range of nominations and will be announced on the night.

Presentation night is Friday 23rd May

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Annual Player of the Year presentations will take place in the Eden House on Friday 23rd May.

Evening kicks off at 8.30 and may well continue into the early hours……..

Dave Mohan Memorial Trophy

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The draw for the Dave Mohan Memorial Tournament took place in the Eden tonight.
Ireland – Shea McClafferty
Sweden – Jason Doyle
France – Brian Farrelly
Belgium – Mick Costello
Wales – Greystones 1
Portugal – Ger Byrne
Holland – Dundrum 1
Scotland – Brian Burgess
Poland – Greystones 2
Serbia – Dundrum 2
Greece – Larkview
Spain – Paddy Hughes
Italy – Spartak 35s
Denmark – Stephen Carr
Ukraine – Dave Browne
Germany – Graham Breen

Sky Blues go down by the Odd Goal in Five

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Esker Celtic 3, Spartak 2

Spartak completed their Div 3 Sat programme in a closely fought game against the cup finalists.

The highlights of the game for Spartak came from Michael Leslie, who scored the opening and closing goals of this contest. His first, accepting the ball from a throw in and cutting inside on his favoured left foot, was a goal from the moment it left his boot, 25 yards out. A cracker. His second goal was from a similar distance, but this time from a free kick which found the corner of the net.

Spartak attacked consistently in the first period, with Jeff Gamble prominent in attack , and Conor Keegan making strong forays forward frm right back. However, the Sky Blues conceded just on half time, with Chris Hogan caught out of position; his defensive colleagues might have saved the day, but Esker took full advantage.

The home side started the second half strongly, but nonetheless it took two clear errors for them to build a lead. Keith Kelly had his pocket picked and , despite Fintan Grace’s best efforts, the forward scored. Fintan then made a marvellous block after a free struck the post and a goal on the follow up seemed certain.

The third goal, from distance, will leave Bobby Hayes disappointed; Bobby made a number of good saves, but a loss of concentration left him wrong footed and the ball went in via the post.

Spartak’s reaction to the setback of going two behind was heartening; the midfield work rate went up a notch, with Dermot Dooley and Fergus Burke prominent while substitutes Conor Callis and David Kernan added pace and trickery. Niall Lennon, quiet in the first half, grew into the game and added guile to the mix.

Callis’s shot was deflected wide; Lennon’s run got him into a shooting position but he shot straight at the keeper; Mick Leslie had a couple of runs and crosses not converted.

A clever combination between Lennon and Callis saw the latter supply the perfect cut back to late sub Kevin Loftus, just six yards out but his panicky swipe was inneffectual.

Form Report
Bobby Hayes 6 Conor Keegan 7 Chris Hogan 5 Keith Kelly 5 Fintan Grace 7 Shane McInerney 5 Niall Lennon 7 Dermot Dooley 7 Mick Leslie 8 Jeff Gamble 7 Fergus Burke 7
Subs David Kernan 7 Conor Callis 7 Kevin Loftus 5

Bank Cash in on Spartak errors

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AIB 3, Spartak 2

A couple of costly errors together with a lack of self control proved decisive in DCU. Chris Hogan was lucky not to be red carded; initially booked for petulantly kicking the ball away after only 3 minutes play, he lived on the edge from then on, with the referee being particularly lenient. Niall Lennon, Neil McGowan and David O’Kelly also went into the book for some testy offences in a game which was devoid of malice.

With the spectre of relegation at stake for the Sky Blues, quite a number of regulars opted out of this one and Mick Greene was drafted in to play a unfamiliar midfield role.

Spartak took the lead midway through the first half; Graham Breen’s tenacity forced a corner, and from Conor Keegan’s kick David Kernan fired in for his first Spartak goal. But just on half time Paul Kinsella wrestled a forward to the ground on the bye line to give away an unnecessary penalty. So 1-1 at half time.

An unfortunate Conor Keegan miskick presented the home side with the lead goal, but a Mick Leslie cross was touched back in by Dave O’Kelly for Neil McGowan to apply a cool finish to equalise.

As concentration dropped and frustrations grew, the yellow card count rose, but it was AIB who got the winner in a breakaway and who finished out the game comfortably.

Form Report
Jason Northey 6 Dave O’Kelly 5 Chris Hogan 4 Paul Kinsella 5 Conor Keegan 6 Mick Greene 5 Fintan Grace 6 Neil McGowan 5 David Kernan 5 Graham Breen 5 Mick Leslie 5
Sub : Niall Lennon 5